Cross Save Boosting

PlayStation and PC Boosting requires you to cross save to a Xbox One gamer tag, if you don’t have an Xbox one gamer tag simply go to and create a free gamertag!

How to cross save in Destiny 2 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Before you can use cross save in Destiny 2, you need to do some set up so Bungie knows which of your accounts are connected.

First, you need log into, sign into your Bungie account, then link that together with the platforms that you wish to play on - so that might include your PSN account, Xbox Live account, Blizzard account and when they launch, Steam and Google Stadia accounts.

Next, you need to specify which account you want to play on other platforms. You cannot cherry pick a mixture of characters and progress between accounts - only one set of progress from one platform can be shared with the others.

For most players who have been playing on one platform until now this is straightforward, but if you have been double dipping on say both PS4 and PC, then you need to choose just one to play on the rest.

With that done, you can then confirm the set of characters and progress that'll be available on each of those linked accounts. When you next log into one of those accounts, your characters will then appear - including all the gear, loot and progress you unlocked along the way.

Other details to know about how Destiny 2 cross save works

Destiny 2 cross save has some restrictions due to the way you may have purchased content on one platform or another. They are as follows:

  • Silver will be locked to the original account you bought it from and can only be accessed again on that original platform. However, anything your purchase with that Silver - including various Eververse cosmetics - will be available on other platforms.
  • DLC - including expansions, the Annual Pass and seasons - will be locked to the platform you purchased it with. To play that content on other platforms, you have to purchase it again on those platforms. This includes Forsaken, the Annual Pass and when it launches, Shadowkeep.
  • If you play the base game without expansions or the Annual Pass, you can equip your higher-level gear, but drops will be at a lower level. For example, if you own Forsaken and can receive drops up to the level cap of 750 on one platform, playing that same account on another without expansions will see drops become capped at 380. This will change when the free-to-play version of the game, New Light, launches, when everything will reset at 750 power level.

Players with cross save enabled will be visible on the roster screen 

Though you can connect your account to Steam when cross save becomes available, it won't go live on Steam until free-to-play version First Light launches. Until then, you have to cross-play on Don't worry, progress - and DLC purchases - will carry over when the platform change happens with no extra cost.