Three Modded Weapons (YOU PICK WEAPONS + TIER MODS)
Three Modded Weapons (YOU PICK WEAPONS + TIER MODS)
Three Modded Weapons (YOU PICK WEAPONS + TIER MODS)

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Three Modded Weapons (YOU PICK WEAPONS + TIER MODS)

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🟢 In stock. Take three of your weapons to the next level

This product is a MOD that modifies the damage value and mods on your weapon. 

You are purchasing the ability to have a PRIMARY, SECONDARY, and PISTOL be modified. We can apply any damage value you want up to 9 million and you have the option to choose which tier mods are applied. 

Below are examples of the mod in action.

This is a rare bull&eagle 59 that has had its damage, and mods modified to extremely high levels


Any weapon from a common blue to a powerful legendary can have its values modifed to become an extremely high level.


DISCLAIMER: This should help you make an informed decision about modded lobbies, modded guns, and loot dropped from modded lobbies. As of now, no adverse actions have been taken on any of my accounts or any previous modded customers since the game launched. I CANNOT GUARANTEE  if or when the game developer will implement any watermarks on mods. Please proceed forward only if you fully understand and are willing to accept any changes made by the game developers in future updates.  

This information can be referenced here, in the Developer update dated March 25, one week prior to launch: Outriders - 1 Week To Launch - Dev Update